Finalists for the Spanish Short Story Prize Premio Ribera del Duero Anounced

The short list fr the third Premio Ribera del Duero for short stories in Spanish has been announced.  I have only read one of these authors, Tizon, which I reviewed in my article on the Spanish Short story. I didn’t realize he had a new book last year. Rossi sounds familiar as does Padilla, but I haven’t read them. It feels more international this year which is a good thing (via)

Ernesto Calabuig (Madrid, España, 1966), con Caminos anfibios.

Guadalupe Nettel (México DF, México, 1973), con Historias naturales.

Gustavo Nielsen (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1962), con Novela.

–Ignacio Padilla (México DF, México, 1968), con Lo volátil y las fauces.

Cristina Peri Rossi (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1941), con Los amores equivocados.

Eloy Tizón (Madrid, España, 1964), con Técnicas de iluminación