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    Interview with José Yorg: “We must transform the world cooperatively, otherwise the human species will succumb.”

    “Succumb human species.”

    Posted by on 07/03/2010 at Sociopolitical Tecnicoop

    By Raúl Rodríguez *

    José Yorg, president of TECNICOOP (cooperative formed by university professors), said of the Latin American process and in that context the promotion of cooperative thinking XXI century.

    – What is your vision for Latin American policy of current process?

    I fully assume that we are in a completely different scenario from the previous processes determined by the so-called neo-liberalism that marked our lives based on the single thought that there was no life outside of capitalism and that particular event did much damage to people’s heads since left the utopias of a better world.

    Currently our suffering Latin America shows another scenario, beyond that we like it or not, the reality is that utopias are in vogue again. We broke into the year 1992 and said that neoliberalism is a storm that will pass and you see, the storm passed, now we must build on the destruction.

    In Latin America there has to be the second and final release, I think this is an issue of profound significance that deserves to be discussed within the framework of the bicentennial. So I tend to believe that Latin American countries should get rid of old structures that prevent full development, that’s what I mean by making the second independence.

    “You’re one of the scholars and promoter of the cooperative XXI century, what reason has led him to it?

    It was precisely the study and reflection on the reality of Formosa cooperatives in principle, and Argentina and Latin America later, I unveiled that the cooperative, if not destroyed by neoliberalism, it was delayed in its evolution, numb their potential inside and doctrine, immobilized as a social movement, thus preventing its development theories based on experience and systematized, accurate to reality.

    We are able to say that we have to push, you have to create the conditions for making a leap from one historical stage to another cooperative because the world changed and the cooperative must evolve to contribute from their theoretical and practical arsenal to overcome such social and economic inequality .

    We must have the courage and audacity to make a qualitative leap, which in fact is taking place between a crippling economy and it excludes cooperative concept of renovating, why not put the doctrinal distortion, so I think that this new conception of the cooperative that we have determined to call the XXI century has to be transformative of society otherwise they will not recover its original mission, and this should happen without fail in this century.

    -TECNICOOP had a professional process of amending its senior managers to achieve university-level degree and also included an internal discussion, then, where does it go TECNICOOP?

    We believe we are going through a phase of institutional consolidation that we have planned in the founding days of our organization. Now we are in the best conditions to build a unique organizational stage for the advancement of cooperation in all its facets, and in that sense, the university the natural setting for it.

    Internal debate sheds light on our role in the province of Formosa from these courses that we are located, qualified, able to assume important positions in the process of implementing public policies that generate developmental changes.

    “Lately he has devoted his writing to refer to historical, economic and political Paraguay why?

    This is a very important issue in my life because my roots Guaraní is with great pride that I assume full and from that position, my Americanism increases enthusiastically. I believe that a member of the cooperative should not have borders in their thirst for inquiry into sources of knowledge about cooperative practice is concerned, and Paraguay has a phenomenal track record with independent economy held at the time of Dr. Gaspar Rodríguez de France and the López, therefore, I am not just someone who contemplates life from fictional narrow border walls.

    “Everything that has been achieved through science and technology so far has not built a better world, why do you think that the cooperative will make such a feat?

    I put the unquestionable first under the attributes with which is invested the cooperative way, his strength and doctrinal principles capable of guiding the construction of this creative need new and better world. Secondly, but not least, the inevitability of the advent beneficial cooperative because if humanity does not achieve that change, simply succumb as a species because of the destruction that capitalism leads exhausted, we are really faced with the dilemma of iron or transform the world cooperatively or otherwise, the human species will succumb, and then the world keeps turning, of course … without us.

    * Raul Rodriguez is a journalist for Citizen Comments. Formosa, Argentina.
    vocero de TECNICOOP
    Periodista diario opinion ciudadana

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