Spanish Short Stories


Short stories originally written in Spanish. Some of these authors have written novels and I have reviewed some of them, too. I note them as needed. I also wrote an article for the Quarterly Conversation that covered several of these authors. I have listed the article several times. If you want to get a sense for what interests me that is a good start.

An excellent resource about short story writers from Spain is Miguel Ángel Muñoz’s La familia del aire: Entrevistas con cuentistas españoles (The Family of the Air: Interviews with Spanish Short Story Writer

María Fernanda Ampuero

Mario Benedetti

Cristina Fernández Cubas

Elena Garro

Marcos Giralt Torrente

Fernando Iwaskai

José María Merino

Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Hipólito G. Navarro

Guadalupe Nettel

Andrés Neuman

Clara Obligado

Ángel Olgoso

Félix J. Palma

Santiago Roncagliolo

Javier Sáez de Ibarra

Samanta Schweblin

Ana María Shua

Eloy Tizón

Javier Tomeo

Socorro Venegas

Angel Zapata

Juan Eduardo Zúñiga