June 2012 Words Without Borders Out Now

The June 2012 Words Without Borders is out now. The theme this month is Queer. As usual there is an interesting selection as well as a review of Andrés Neuman’s Traveler of the Century which I also reviewed.

Fiction by Cristina Peri Rossi

Ne Me Quitte Pas

Seventeen years old: a terrible age for studying. A terrible age for anything other than fornicating.

Translated by Megan Berkobien bilingual version

Fiction by Alonso Sanchez Baute


If a queen cries an entire sea, she has to cry the Mediterranean or, at least, the Aegean

Translated by George Henson bilingual version

by Ilana Zeffren

This is How it is When You’re Involved with Sensitive Girls

Image description

I choose to keep away from shrinks and still end up on their sofa.

Translated by Ilana Zeffren

Poetry by Jean Sénac

from “Edgard’s Lessons”

If singing my love is loving my country, I am a soldier

Translated by Douglas Basford bilingual version

Fiction by Kim Bi

Tree of Lips

She wished she were blind so she couldn’t see the man mincing around, mimicking her father in a skirt.

Translated by Sora Kim-Russell and Eunjung Kwon-Lee bilingual version