Top Spanish-language Cultural News Twitter Feeds

Publishing Perspectives has a list of the top Spanish-language cultural news Twitter Feeds. I know a few of these and they are some good sources, especially Canal-L which has some good interviews. Many of these I don’t know but look interesting.

@revistaenie: Revista Ñ, the cultural magazine of the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarín. It specializes in book reviews, author interviews and feature stories.

@canalL: An author video-interview site based in Barcelona.

@Gatopardocom: The excellent Mexican cultural magazine specialized in contemporary Latin-American journalism and narrative.

@babelia_elpais: The feed of one of the Spanish language’s most important weekly cultural magazines, published by El País of Madrid.

@casamerica: The Spanish institution Casa de America, a central clearinghouse of cultural debate in iberoamerica.

@hipermedula: Based in Spain, this site is on the cutting edge of contemporary art and culture.