Javier Cercas Interview Video at El Pais (Spanish Only)

El Pais has an interview with Javier Cercas where he talks about what he thinks the novel is, does originality exist. He also spends about half of the interview talking about An Anatomy of a Moment and what his fascination was with the subject. For him, to explore how history informs the present is one of he most interesting things. Worth a watch if your Spanish is up to it. He has a some time strong accent, although in this video it didn’t seem to strong.

2 thoughts on “Javier Cercas Interview Video at El Pais (Spanish Only)

  1. Interesting clip–thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve only read one novel by Cercas (Soldados de Salamina), but I loved it and would like to read something else by him one of these days. Maybe this year if I’m lucky!

  2. I’ll have a review of The Anatomy of a Moment at the Quarterly Conversation in March or April you can see that book is worth a read or not. I haven’t read Soldados but I’m sure it is quite different.

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