Senselessness (Insenasatez) by Horacio Castellanos Moya – A Review

Insenasatez (Senselessness ) Horacio Castellanos Moya Tusquets, pg 155, 2004 Horacio Castellanos Moya has a sense of humor that even in a darkly troubled book like Insenasatez makes his vision of cruelty and corruption more than a litany of horrors. With Insenasatez you see him in full Bernhard, with the obvious nods with the winding […]

Interview with Rodrigo Rey Rosa at the White Review

The White Review has an interview with Rodrigo Rey Rosa that is worth checking out: Q Jorge Luis Borges is a major influence of yours, and it is your earliest writing that is most indebted to him. What was your first experience with his work? A  Borges made me into a reader and a writer […]

Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists That Defined the 1980s – A Review

Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists That Defined the 1980s Lori Majewski , Jonathan Bernstein Abrams Image, pg 320, 2014 I came across the book while listening to my favorite music show, Sound Opinions (link to episode). I have long been a fan of some of the bands covered in the book, […]

The New Book from Juan Marsé

Juan Marsé has a new book out that continues with what he wrote in Últimas tardes con Teresa 50 years ago. You can read the first 9 pages of the book, here. Marsé, cuya fama se expandió de modo fulminante gracias a aquella sátira feroz de los comunistas pijos de Barcelona (hoy separatistas) que se […]

Best Books of the Year In Spanish – The Lists

I was rather disappointed with El Pais. I thought it was a little predictable. Moleskine Literario has a good round up of the lists. The lists form La Vanguardia and El Cutural were particularly rich. El Cutural has the advantage that the list includes the voting from 9 different critics so you get 9 lists […]

An Overview of the Work of Rafael Chirbes

Fernando Valls has an overview of the work of Rafael Chirbes in Revista Turia. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it into English soon. La consagración como gran escritor parece haberle llegado a Chirbes tras la publicación de sus dos últimas novelas: Crematorio (2007) y En la orilla (2013), con las que ha obtenido […]

Best Books of the Year from El Pais

El Pais has their end of year top ten. No real surprises here this year. The better list is the top 4 by genre. In the fiction in Spanish are 1. Así empieza lo malo. Javier Marías. Alfaguara. 2. El impostor. Javier Cercas. Literatura Random House. 3. El balcón en invierno. Luis Landero. Tusquets. 4. Como la sombra que […]