Ablatio Penis by Will Dinski – A Review

I picked up Ablatio Penis by Will Dinski at the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival this November. Ablatio Penis is a graphic novel published by 2D Cloud about the meteoric rise and fall of a political star. When I began reading and it was obvious what the politics of the characters were, I had […]

Javier Cercas Interviewed About His New Book El impostor

Javier Cercas has a new book out, El impostor, that tells the story of Enric Marco who falsely claimed he’d been a concentration camp survivor. Like his last book, An Anatomy of a Moment, he is using fiction to explore what is non fiction event. El Pais had an interview with him last week. PREGUNTA. […]

Guadalupe Nettel Wins the Herralde de Novela Prize

The Mexican author Guadalupe Nettel won the Herralde de Novela Prize for her book Después del invierno (After Winter).  I don’t know too much about her work. I’ve only read El matrimonio de los peces rojos which I was a little disappointed with. It too was a prize winner and Marcos Giralt Torrente was one […]

Words Without Borders for November 2014: Contemporary Czech Prose

The Words Without Borders for November 2014: Contemporary Czech Prose is out now. This month we’re presenting Czech writing. Czech literature is underrepresented in translation, and its profile in English has been mainly political and largely male. The ten writers showcased here—men and women, ranging in age from thirty to seventy-four—demonstrate the richness and diversity […]

Paris by Marcos Giralt Torrente – A Review

Paris Marcos Giralt Torrente Trans: Margaret Jull Costa Hispabooks Publishing, 2014, pg 343 Every time I read a book from Marcos Giralt Torrente I am amazed at his mastery of language and his use of memory as a subject. His two books in English, The End of Love published in Spain in 2011 (2013 in […]

Rafael Chirbes Wins the Nacional de Narrativa for En la orilla

Rafael Chirbes has won the Nacional de Narrativa for  En la orilla his hugely successful book on contemporary Spain after the economic collapse. El Pais has the story. ¿El perro Tom, Liliana, el oportunista Francisco, Justino y el estafador Pedrós le tirarían a la cabeza a Rafael Chirbes el premio que le acaban de dar? […]

My Photos of World War I a Century Later

I recently had the opportunity to spend six days visiting the battlefields of World War I. Since this is primarily a literary blog, I have created a separate blog of the trip with many more pictures than the ones below, plus commentary on the sites. If this is something that interests you, the blog is […]