New February 2013 Words Without Borders – The Graphic Novel

The February 2013 Words Without Borders is out now, featuring the graphic novel. This is always one of my favorite editions of the magazine. There are two stories from Spanish, A Shining Path of Blood: Massacres and a Monologue by Jesús Cossio and The Art of Flying by Antonio Altarriba. The rest of the issue, of course, also looks interesting especially the Oubapo works from the Oulipo group.

February brings our annual showcase of the international graphic novel. On topics ranging from the Spanish Civil War to the Shining Path, organized labor in France and broken homes in South Africa, these artists delineate character and plot in their singular styles. See how Antonio Altarriba and Kim, Jesús Cossio, Étienne Davodeau, Karlien de Villiers, Akino Kondoh, Migo Rollz, and Li-Chen Yin make every picture tell a story.  And in a special feature, graphic artist and translator Matt Madden introduces the Oubapo, the graphic arm of the Oulipo, with wildly inventive work by François Ayroles, Patrice Killoffer, and Etienne Lécroart.

In the latest installment of our World Through the Eyes of Writers column, the great Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko introduces Belarus’s Uladzimir Niakliaeu.