14 Critics on the 5 Best Spaish Fiction of 2012

This will be the last time I write on this subject, but La Nave de los Locos  has a post that compiles the top 5 best books published in Spain from 14 different critics. It is a nice long list. The usual suspects are there (Marias, Vila-Matas, Cercas) but there are some that aren’t known that well outside of Spain. Enjoy

One of the 14 lists:

Luis Mateo Díez, La cabeza en llamas, Galaxia Gutenberg/Círculo de Lectores
Luis Landero, Absolución, Tusquets.
Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, Medusa, Seix Barral
José María Merino, El río del Edén, Alfaguara
Clara Usón, La hija del Este, Seix Barral
ÁNGEL BASANTA (El Cultural. El Mundo)