New Words Without Borders – From the Spainish Works from Slavko Zupcic, Guadalupe Nettel, Eduardo Halfon

Words Without Borders released its September 2011 edition which includes three short stories from Spanish Language writers and a review of Sergio Chejfec’s newest book, among other things. I wasn’t familiar with any of the writers included in this edition. Slavko Zupcic is from Venezuela and wrote what I thought was the strongest story of the bunch about a man who steals books only to have the author die a day latter. The Mexican author Guadalupe Nettel’s story was OK, about the breakup of a relationship via gardening. It had its moments until he decided he was a cactus, which should have been funny but became tedious. I skimmed Eduardo Halfon’s story before giving up quickly. I don’t like stories about writers and writer’s conferences. Maybe I should have given it more time, but I have no patience for that.