Anatomy of a Moment (Anatomia de un instante) by Javier Cercas – A Brief Review

I just finished reading Anatomy of a Moment (Anatomia de un instante) by Javier Cercas and I was impressed. I can’t say much yet since I’m writing a review for The Quarterly Conversation, but aside from the story, his approach has a few interesting questions about how we perceive history and what makes a novel a novel. Cercas certainly doesn’t like the king and is obsessed about Suarez. Fortunately for people who read this blog, it is coming out in English from Bloomsbury. I read the Spanish version and then will be reading the English version for the review. It is the first time I’ve done this and will be curious to see how it works out. It will also give me a little bit of time to research some of the events described so I can judge better his take.