May Issues of Words Without Borders & Open Letters Monthly Up

The May issues of Words Without Borders and Open Letters Monthly are up.

Words Without Borders theme is teens and includes some fiction by the Mexican author Eve Gil and the Catalan Andres Barba. (Update: I have been informed he writes in Spainsh, and a simple internet search will prove that, so I wonder why Words Without Borders said Catalan?)

Open Letters Monthly – an Arts and Literature Review.

2 thoughts on “May Issues of Words Without Borders & Open Letters Monthly Up

  1. Dear friends,
    I am afraid Andrés Barba is from Madrid, and as far as I know he doesn´t write in catalan but in spanish.
    He is currently publishing with Anagrama and if I am not wrong the referred text won a short story contest in 2009 organized by Revista Eñe.


    J. S. de Montfort

  2. Thanks for the correction. I saw that he was from Madrid, but the site said he wrote in Catalan, which did seem fishy since the titles of his books were in Spanish.

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