Young Spanish Language Writers on the Internet and Writing

I don’t often take much stock in prognosticative journalism, but El País has an interview with 8 young Spanish Language novelists about how the Internet has effected their writing, and they mentioned a few things that have influenced their writing. I haven’t read any other their work, although, I did give up on an El Público Lee episode that was interviewing Elvira Navarro. I’m a little doubtful that filling a story with the detritus of the Internet would make for good reading:

[…]Kirmen Uribe: “The structure in the Internet, the utilization of the first person, the sub-chapters that have length of a computer screen, that are autonomous…” All of this has a great influence on his work. “I even reproduce,” he says, “the new technologies explicitly: emails, Wikipedia entries, Google searches…”

[…]Kirmen Uribe: “La estructura en red, la utilización de la primera persona, que los subcapítulos tengan la longitud de una pantalla de ordenador, que sean autónomos…”. Todo eso tiene una gran influencia en su obra. “Incluso reproduzco”, dice, “las nuevas tecnologías de manera explícita: correos electrónicos, entradas de Wikipedia, búsquedas de Google…”

3 thoughts on “Young Spanish Language Writers on the Internet and Writing

  1. I’ve only read a book by Isaac Rosa, ‘El vano ayer’. Can’t really recommend it… Other than that, I don’t know any of the other writers in the article. But I appreciate their effort to ponder about the importance of the Internet in their generation, as writers. Personally, I think the Internet is, potentially, a tool that help clear put some doubts, but I don’t see it as a main source of inspiration, and, sometimes, I can actually see it more as a distraction, if you don’t have a good way to process all the information read online…

  2. As the internet changes, I think those who’ve done things that are technology based (facebook, twitter) will probably have works that date themselves quickly.

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