The Spanish E-Book Wars Have Started

El Pais has an article about the start of the Spanish e-book wars that Amazon has started. It is fairly typical of what we have seen in the US. The One big exception is how the Amazon is getting around the fixed book price law in Spain. Apparently, Amazon claims that they are selling direct from the author, versus from a publisher. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Pero El emblema del traidor es una novela peculiar por otro motivo: se puede encontrar en edición electrónica por dos precios: 2,68 euros en y 7,99 euros en; algo que, en principio, viola la ley española de precio fijo (según la cual la misma edición de un libro no puede tener dos precios distintos dentro del territorio nacional). Gómez-Jurado ofrece una explicación al respecto: “En un caso lo vende directamente el autor, en el otro hay una editorial de por medio”.

Michael Hart Founder of Project Gutenberg – RIP

Michael Hart the founder of Project Gutenberg has died. He in many ways is the enventor of the e-book, which for good or bad, has become a definining media of our time. But his interest was in giving free access to e-books and Project Gutenberg is pretty cool, if a bit uneven. I’ve read a few books via  Project Gutenberg, most recently a book on Posters from World War I. It is one of those noble, ideas that seemed to come from the early days of computing. If you’ve never been to Project Gutenberg you should check it out.

From Geekwire

Tacoma native and electronic book pioneer Michael S. Hart has died at the age of 64. Before Kindle, Nook or iPad entered the lexicon, Hart was tinkering with electronic books.

In 1971 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Hart created Project Gutenberg with the goal of making electronic copies of books available to the public. It became his life’s work.

After starting with the Declaration of Independence, Hart spent spent the bulk of his career working on ways to make electronic versions of books accessible to people. Today, there are more than 36,000 free eBooks available through Project Gutenberg, allowing customers titles to the PC, Kindle, Android or iOS devices.