25 Latin American Authors You’ve Never Heard of But May Some Day

El Pais pointed me to the La Feria del Libro de Guadalajara (México) which is presenting 25 Latin American authors who are not well known out side their country but have great potential. Looking over the list, I can see that I don’t recognize any of them. You can read their bio’s and a piece of their work at the fair’s site.

The authors are (via El Pais)

Juan Álvarez (Colombia, 1978), Luis Alberto Bravo (Ecuador, 1979), Andrés Burgos (Colombia, 1973), Fabián Casas (Argentina, 1965), Miguel Antonio Chávez (Ecuador, 1979), Carlos Cortés (Costa Rica, 1962), Francisco Díaz Klaassen (Chile, 1984), Jacinta Excudos (El Salvador, 1961), Nona Fernández (Chile, 1971), Fernanda García Lao (Argentina, 1966), Ulises Juárez Polanco (Nicaragua, 1984), Roberto Martínez Bachrich (Venezuela, 1977), Emiliano Monge (México, 1978), Javier Mosquera (Guatemala, 1961), Diego Muñoz Valenzuela (Colombia, 1956), Enrique Planas (Perú, 1970), María Eugenia Ramos (Honduras, 1959), Luis Miguel Rivas (Colombia, 1969), Giovanna Rivero (Bolivia, 1972), Hernán Ronsino (Argentina, 1976), Pablo Soler Frost (México, 1965), Daniela Tarazona (México, 1975), Dani Umpli (Uruguay, 1974), Eduardo Varas (Ecuadro, 1979) y Carlos Oriel Wynter Melo (Panamá, 1971).

Any one heard of them?

5 thoughts on “25 Latin American Authors You’ve Never Heard of But May Some Day

  1. Eeks! I have only heard of Luis Miguel Rivas. Well, looking forward to reading them all one when, availability of translations permitting. Thanks,

  2. Huh. I haven’t heard of any of them either… time to re-educate myself in the current Latin American literary world beyond Bolaño, it seems.

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