Barnes and Nobel to Sell E-Books in Spanish

Publishing Perspectives is reporting that the ebook reader from Barnes and Nobel the Nook will now have access to Spanish Language titles.  This is the first reader in to have access to Spanish language books and looks promising. There is no information on how many books are available and apparently the Barnes and Nobel site has some trouble searching for the Spanish language titles, but if you were wanting access to Spanish language titles it is a good first step.

So, who sets the prices? “The pricing is determined by the publishers,” says Arancibia. “Many of them did research on how the US pricing market was, and they did ask us advice in some cases — what is the pricing between a hardcover and an e-book, or a paperback and an e-book, or a mass market paperback and an e-book. They clearly did their homework, they clearly looked at the US market very smartly. And in cases like Santillana, Random House [Mondadori], Grupo Urano, these are people who have US operations, so they know how pricing works here.”


The store has gotten off to a good start, but Arancibia acknowledges there is still room for growth and improvement. The NOOKbooks en español site is integrated into the English side of, for example, and while searches for author names turn up both Spanish and English titles, searches for Spanish terms don’t always pull up the right results. “The search I think was working very well, but we are definitely working on making it better,” says Arancibia.

She points out that the Spanish-language e-books are still vastly outnumbered by the English-language selection. “Searches always work on relevance, and it’s going to take a while to have enough of a mass of books in Spanish for all the pages to balance. We’re working on that. But again, we ​just started. There are tons of things that we’re planning on improving and doing better, but so far so good!”


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