Independent Books In Argentina at Literary Saloon

The Literary Saloon links to a couple of articles about independent publishing in Argentina. You are unlikely to find any of these authors in your typical Latin American collection.Worth a look if our are interested in other Latin American authors.

From the literary Saloon:

Argentinian indie ‘Hot 20’

In the Buenos Aires Herald Ana Laura Caruso writes that ‘Independent publishers showcase their best books in select bookstores this week’ in Hot 20, as:

In Buenos Aires, until next Sunday, indie publisher association Alianza de Editores Independientes de la Argentina (EDINAR) presents a Hot List with what’s hot in the indie literature world. EDINAR, which comprises 30 publishing houses, was created in 2005 in order to defend diversity in the publishing environment. This time, 20 publishers chose one book each from their catalogues to be part of a Hot List, available and prominently displayed at different bookstores – these are not their best sellers, but the books that they feel deserve more of the spotlight than they’re currently getting. The Hot List comprises a great variety of genres such as novels, short stories books, poetry, and essays.

Caruso runs down all twenty titles in English, but see also the EDINAR hotLIST page; authors include Macedonio Fernández, Ricardo Piglia, and … Gary Snyder
And Caruso notes:

Perhaps the best writing of today is being published through small presses, who are keeping the independent spirit of literature alive. New small publishing houses are born every month but they can die out easily due to financial problems. There’s a lot of new things shimmering right now, so let that best-seller book drop off your hand and get to know what’s hot today in Argentine literature.

Sounds good — and, with Argentina the guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair this fall — see my recent mention — I hope they’ll be well-represented.