Translation as Nationalism

Eurozine has an article called re-transnationalization of literary criticism. It is not a new article (although the danish translation is), but it is interesting especially in the American context. The article laments the passing of an age when major newspapers in Europe would publish reviews of books that had just been published in a different countries and in a different languages. The golden age of this nationalism free reviewing was the 50s. Now, some 50 years later the major papers only review translations of books written in other languages. Considering how few fiction titles are translated into English, less than 3% this year according to Three Percent, it seems like not just a lost age, but an age that never existed. It also seems the perfect reflection of the differences between the United States and Europe: one a large geographically isolated country for much of its history; the other, a group of states whose histories and geography are intertwined even if at times some states have not wanted to believe it.