Spanish Authors Video Interviews –

Moleskin Literario pointed me to this Canal-l which has dozens of interview with Spanish Language authors. There is quite a collection, although the quality suffers a bit. Alone with El Publico Lee from Canal Sur and Pagina 2 from RTVE, one can easily gorge themselves on interviews.

Author Interview Shows – El publico lee

I was watching El publico lee on Canal Sur the other day and I began to think about who this show differed from some of the others I’ve seen in the recent past on in the US. For those of you who don’t know, El publico lee is a Spanish author interview show. But it also has people from the general public who have read the book and ask the author questions. Between the sets and the seriousness Canal Sur gives to the author it makes for, perhaps, a better show than those I’ve seen in the US. That said, I’ve never thought Book TV on CSPAN2 was that bad, except that it doesn’t cover any fiction. If you understand Spanish I would give it a look. My one complaint is they don’t archive more than two weeks of shows, so if you miss it, that’s too bad. I never did get to watch the end of the interview with Najat el Hachni and the book sounded interesting.