Literary Resolutions 2012

For the last few years running I’ve been making a few small literary resolutions. This years are much like last years, read things I already own and get some fiction published. Simple right? Well if I look back on how well I did from last year, the first item wasn’t too bad. The main problem with the first is I keep adding to the items that I own, but that just shows my enthusiasm (my next post will be evidence of that phenomenon). The second, though, did not happen at all. I wrote, but sending things to publish is such a bore and eats time I could be writing or reading or doing something much more interesting. I guess that is just the way it is.

Last year I believe I said I wanted to read more in Spanish. I think I fulfilled that requirement. And for the year that comes I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that since quite a bit of what I bought this year was in Spanish, so if I’m reading what I own, in theory, I’ll be reading in Spanish.

Any one else have literary resolutions?