Spanish Authors Video Interviews –

Moleskin Literario pointed me to this Canal-l which has dozens of interview with Spanish Language authors. There is quite a collection, although the quality suffers a bit. Alone with El Publico Lee from Canal Sur and Pagina 2 from RTVE, one can easily gorge themselves on interviews.

António Lobo Antunes: If I Could Only Choose One Author, It Would Be Me

I was watching a good interview (Spanish only) with António Lobo Antunes on RTVE’s Pagína 2 and he said something I’ve never heard an author say. Perhaps some do, but it seems it would be bad form to say it public these days. When asked if there were writers he had identified with he eventually says,

If I could choose only one writer besides myself, it would be Quevedo.

Si yo pudiera eligir sol un escritor aparte de mi, eligir Quevedo.

While it seems strange to my ears, why shouldn’t a writer like their own work. Americans are taught a certain modesty about bragging and it is bad form to say you are the best or most interesting writer. However, after working on a piece for sometime I find it a little tiresome, even if it is good.