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The Short Story “The Final Days of Daniel Knopoff” by Pablo Besarón up at Contemporary Argentine Writers

The blog Contemporary Argentine Writers has a new short story up: “The Final Days of Daniel Knopoff” by Pablo Besarón. There is also a short bio and an interview with him in Spanish. The morning of Thursday, February 7, 2007, was a typical summer morning. With suffocating heat settling in for the rest of the […]

Ana María Matute Has Died

The Spanish author, recipient of the Cervantes prize in 2010, has died. She was known for novels and short stories and was one of the representative writers of the mid century Spain. I’ve always enjoyed her work, even if she was lumped in with the social realists that are much out of favor these days. […]

An Analysis of Juan Eduardo Zúñiga at Turia

The Spanish literary magazine Turia has an excellent overview and analysis of the work of Juan Eduardo Zúñiga, in particular his trilogy of the Spanish Civil War, by Fernado Valls, a literary critic whose work I like. It is a long article and worth the read. Zúñiga is the author of Largo novembre de Madrid […]

El matrimonio de los peces rojos (The Marriage of the Red Fish) by Guadalupe Nettel

El matrimonio de los peces rojos (The Marriage of the Red Fish) Guadalupe Nettel Paginas de Espuma, 2013, pg 120 Guadalupe Nettel’s collection of short stories explore the relationship between animals and humans. Over the course of five stories the animals become reflections of human behavior as they interact with her characters at the edge […]

Tenth of December by George Saunders – A Review

Tenth of December George Saunders Random House, 2013, pg 251 It has been some time since I’ve read a book of short stories from an American writer and enjoyed them. For some reason I’ve had some back luck-that and I’m tired of reading about middle class problems, or, at least, the ones that I find […]

Técnicas de iluminación (Illumination Techniques) by Eloy Tizón

Técnicas de iluminación (Illumination Techniques) Eloy Tizón Páginas de Espuma, 2013, pg 163 Spanish author Eloy Tizón’s Técnicas de iluminación (Illumination Techniques) is the most aptly name collection of short stories I have read for some time, one that not only describes what he is trying to do as a writer, but also what the […]

The End of Love by Marcos Giralt Torrente – A Review

The End of Love Marcos Giralt Torrente Tran: Kathline Silver McSweeny’s, 2013, 163 pg The End of Love is Marcos Giralt Torrente’s winning entry in the 2012 Ribera del Duero prize for the short story competition. Handily translated by Kathline Silver, it is simply one of the better collections I have read in sometime. I […]

The Velocipedist Social Club by Norberto Luis Romero At Contemporary Argentine Writers

Contemporary Argentine Writers has published a translation of The Velocipedist Social Club by Norberto Luis Romero. You should give it a read. Along the town’s main street, there were no more than 400 meters from his home to the fledgling Velocipedist Social Club and Mr. Garcia walked them with his head held high and his […]

Interview with Carlos Yushimito at el Pais

El Pais has an interesting interview with Carlos Yushimito over his new book of short stories, Los bosques tienen sus propias puertas (Demipage), and his writing process in general. R. Exacto, ya no tenía ese pudor de la cercanía. Me da autosuficiencia para escribir y estar en ese borde de lo que puede ser verdad y […]

Bad Luck: Anthology Curated by Yuri Herrera from Traviesa – a Review

Bad Luck: Anthology Curated by Yuri Herrera Traviesa, 2013, pg ±51 Featuring stories from Elvira Navarro Fabián Casas Wilmer Urrelo Iris García Cuevas Traviesa anthologies are collections of Spanish language stories curated by a guest editor and published as ebooks. To date Traviesa has published 3 anthologies. I believe this is the most recent, though […]

La máquina de languidecer (The Languishing Machine) by Ángel Olgoso – A Review

La máquina de languidecer – Micro Cuentos (The Languishing Machine – Micro Fiction) Ángel Olgoso Páginas de Espuma, 2009, pg 131 Ángel Olgoso is a Spanish short story writer who often works within the fantastic. In the La máquina de languidecer is a collection of a 100 micro fiction, short stories that are no more […]

A Short Story from Ángel Olgoso at La nave de los locos

The Spanish short story writer Ángel Olgoso has a collection of out called El `Almanaque de asombros´ (The Almanac of Surprises). You can read a story from the collection called Medicos de Sombras. It is in his style with its interest in non reality or fantastical situations. It also comes with some nice line drawings.I […]

November Words Without Borders Out Now

The November Words Without Borders Is out now. This month they are celebrating their the nth anniversary with new writing From favorites of the past. This month we celebrate our tenth anniversary with compelling new work by some of our favorite writers from the last decade. In two tales of the afterlife, Sakumi Tayama’s fraudulent […]

Eloy Tizón’s Técnicas de iluminación Reviewed in El Confidencial

Eloy Tizón has published a new book of short stories Técnicas de iluminación from Páginas de espuma. I thought Paparados was an excellent book and enjoyed it immensely. I’ve been looking forward to reading his new one ever since I heard it was coming out. The review makes it sound interesting. Los mecanismos narrativos que […]

Alice Munro Wins The Nobel Prize For Literature

This is great news for lovers of the short story, Alice Munro has won the Nobel prize for literature. I think it was deserved as much as anyone deserves it. I would hope this raises the profile of the short story for a while. You can read the NY Times announcement here.

Three Short Stories from Edmundo Paz Soldán at the Boston Review

The Boston Review has three short stories from Edmundo Paz Soldán. He is a Bolivian writer with a fairly long oeuvre of short stories and books. He first came to my attention last year when his short story collection Billy Ruth was published to glowing reviews in Spain. I haven’t ready any of his work […]

60 Years of The Burning Plain by Juan Rulfo

El Pais reminded me that it has been 60 years since The Burning Plain (El llano en llamas) was published If you have not yet read Juan Rulfo’s collection of short stories (or his novel Pedro Parama) it is something you must do. All these years later I still love his work. Even in translation, […]

The Short Stories of Sergio Chejfec and at César Aira Eterna Cadencia

The blog Eterna Cadencia had an interesting post over two collections of short stories from Sobre Modo linterna, de Sergio Chejfec, y Relatos reunidos, de César Aira. En Modo linterna, Sergio Chejfec continúa construyendo y ensanchando ese territorio que encuentra en nociones como experiencia, representación, narración y discurso, sus coordenadas fundamentales. Chejfec es consciente de […]

Conversation with Ana Maria Matute at El Pais

I’m getting back from vacation and finally catching up on some items that caught my attention, even if they seem a while ago. El Pais had an interview with Ana Maria Matute sometime ago. Rather odd in many ways, as if the interviewer didn’t have the questions and she was a little combative. Pregunta. Digo […]

Juan Rulfo’s Short Stories Profiled at the Guardian

The Guardian has a very good appreciation and introduction to the stories of Juan Rulfo that is worth a read. At the turn of the millennium, the Uruguayan daily El País asked writers and critics to vote for the greatest Latin American novel. The winner, by a clear margin, was Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Páramo, the […]