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The Best Short Story Collections in Spanish Over the Last 5 Years

The ever excellent blog El sindrome Chejov recently polled a series of Spanish language short story authors about what they thought were the best collections of short stories to be published over the last five years. It is a broad ranging list that includes authors English speakers would probably be familiar with, such as Alice […]

New Book of Interviews with Spanish Short Story Writers

Páginas de Espuma, the short story only press in Spain, has published a book of interviews with Spanish short story writers, La familia del aire. These interviews are all available on the blog of Miguel Ángel Muñoz, El Sindrome Chejov. I have read many of them and if your are interested in the New Spanish […]

The Best Spanish Language Blogs – and Where are the Ones By Women?

El Cultural has a list of the best literary blogs in Spanish. Some of them I know of and read with some frequency, others not so much but they all look good. Moleskine Literario is great for finding articles about the goings on in the Spanish language press. I’ve read La Nave de Los Locos, but […]

The Playing Card Novel of Max Aub – At El sindrome Chejov

El sindrome Chejov has a post about the playing card novel written by Max Aub (1903 – 1972), a Spanish novelist and short story writer . It is a clever novel printed on playing cards. The novel is printed on the reverse side of the suit, which could make for an interesting game of poker […]

Short Story from Raúl Quinto

El sindrome chejov has a short story, Idoteca,  from Raul Quinto. I leave it to you to give an opinion about the story. About the book: Idioteca no es un libro de cuentos ni tampoco una colección de ensayos, ni siquiera una antología de largos poemas en prosa. No es nada de eso, aunque pudiera […]

Stay Where You Are – Quédate donde estás by Miguel Ángel Muñoz – A Review

Quédate donde estás / Stay Where You Are Miguel Ángel Muñoz Páginas de Espuma, Madrid, 2009 154 pg Miguel Ángel Muñoz’s Quédate donde estás is a playful work from an author who takes the art of the short story very serious and has created a work that both relishes the act of reading a well […]

The Spanish Short Story – A Quick Overview at El Pais

El Pais has a story about the dynamism in the Spanish short story of the last 30 years and naturally it is brief. It mentions some of the authors, blogs and presses I have mentioned in these pages over the last few months. I don’t have time to translate anything from it, but you can […]