Publishing Perspectives on UT Revival of Classic Latin American Literature in Translation

Publishing Perspectives had an article this week on The University of Texas Press’ (UT Press) revival of their Latin American Literature in translation. When The University of Texas Press (UT Press) started publishing Latin American Literature in translation in the 1960s there weren’t many other publishers competing for acquisitions. That had changed by the time […]

My Review of Fear: A Novel of World War I by Gabriel Chevallier Is Up

My review of Fear: A Novel of World War I by Gabriel Chevallier is up at Three Percent. One hundred years have passed since the start of World War I and it is difficult to believe that there are still novels, considered classics in their own countries, that have never been published in English. Perhaps it […]

Andrés Neuman on Julio Cortázar

Andrés Neuman published an excellent article on Julio Cortázar in El Pais this week, one that is worth reading and shows his breath as a writer. Los cuentos fantásticos de Cortázar han sido aislados en un canon restrictivo que tiende a traicionar la genuina variedad de su poética. Las piezas perfectas (uno de los epítetos […]

Dead Stars by Álvaro Bisama – A Review

Dead Stars Álvaro Bisama Megan McDowell, trans Álvaro Bisama’s Dead Stars is a fascinating take on a troubled woman’s failing attempt to survive political violence in Chile. The novel follows Javiera a woman who was beaten and raped by the Chilean secret police during the Pinochet era. She was a committed communist and lost everything, […]

Verdun: The Longest Battle of the Great War by Paul Jankowski – A Review

Verdun: The Longest Battle of the Great War Paul Jankowski 2014, pg 336 The more I read military history the more I’m convinced that most books divide into two types: the narrative of action; and the analysis of events. The former reads like a novel, full of action and sweeps the reader along—an exciting read, […]

Europe in Sepia by Dubravka Ugresic – A Review

Europe in Sepia Dubravka Ugresic David Williams, Trans. Open Letter, 2014, pg 230 I like the ideas suggested by the title Europe in Sepia, a place that is living on its past and uncertain where it is going. Is it a museum piece or something living, dynamic. And I like the idea of Dubravka Ugresic: […]

Thirteen Crime Stories from Latin America – A Review

Thirteen Crime Stories from Latin America McSweeney’s No. 46 McSweeney’s 2014, pg 270 Maybe I just don’t like crime fiction? I don’t read much of it. Perhaps reading this collection was a mistake for someone like myself? But I’ve read enough fiction with criminality and violence that I can only conclude something else was at […]