The Best Fiction From Spain According to El Mundo and El Pais

Last week I mentioned the El Pais best of 2011 list with its unsurprising selection of Javier Marias’ newest book, Los enamoramientos. You can see their list here and read about why they picked the book here. El Mundo, one of El Pais’ competitors has an all Spanish list which you can see here.  Their number one was Yo confieso by Jaume Cabré, a novel that mixes moments from the middle ages to now as a the narrator with Alzheimer remembers in fragments the various scenes that beak and interweave with each other. Of course,  Javier Marias is 3rd on the list and Issac Rosa’s La mano invisible is number 8. The Rosa’s book looked interesting. I saw him on El publico lee earlier this year and the way he wrote the book and its structural elements sounded interesting, along with the story. Their write up is below.

En una vieja nave industrial,un albañil levanta un muro para demolerlo y comenzar de nuevo; una teleoperadora persigue a posibles clientes, un mecánico demonta un motor para montarlo de nuevo, desmontarlo, y volver a empezar, mientras una costurera trabaja sin descanso con metros y metros de tela… Lo que todos y cada uno de ellos soñaban que sería su vida laboral hace tiempo que se ha diluido en el fracaso, la derrota y la frustración. O el miedo al innombrable paro. Implacable, Isaac Rosa (Sevilla, 1974), retrata en esta ambiciosa novela nuestro mundo actual. Sin compasión.

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